Unlimited Possibilities is an education and service foundation dedicated to helping eliminate social injustices by providing financial support and direct service.

Thank You to everyone who donated, bid and attended the 2020 UP Annual Event! 

Together we raised $13.6k exceeding out $10k goal!

Thank you for enabling our all volunteer group to continue to take on worthwhile social and environmental justice projects.  UP is not an organization, you are UP.  Thank you!


Auction Winners Payment & Delivery:


  • Payment: Please go to the 32 auctions website (https://www.32auctions.com/UP2020 ); click on the gold star in the top left of the banner to see a list of your items; click on the “view your items” bar to see the total cost for your items. Add $3 to your overall total to help cover the cost of delivery if not already included.  Two ways to pay:

    • Send a check for that amount to UP, PO Box 635, Milton, NH 03851.  (preferred method)  

    • Pay via the “donate” button on our website.  If you choose that method, please alert us via email to billcuff42@gmail.com

  • Delivery: Now to the practical matter of getting your auction items to you by October 5th.  If you live close by based on your address that you listed on the auction site then we will hand deliver your items,  if you did not list an address or want us to leave your item(s) at a  different location please send us that address to billcuff42@gmail.com. Otherwise items will be shipped.

Our Support has also Fueled Many Other Projects. Click the button below to see a small sampling of the things we get involved with locally and internationally!

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