Tanzania: Jifundishe Free Library:


Jifundishe (pronounced “JEE foon DEE shay”) is the Swahili word meaning “teach yourself.”  At the Jifundishe free library volunteers work with students of all ages (from 14 - 60+) who can not afford to go to regular schools and have come to Jifundishe with hopes of furthering their education.  Over the two week tutoring curriculum, volunteers work with over 100 students broken into small groups to help them prepare for standardized testing by teaching them English, critical thinking and test taking skills.  How the students perform on these tests will determine whether or not they are able to get into university or qualify for different employment opportunities. 


Without being able to travel due to Covid, UP once again adapted and ran a two week virtual tutoring session for the Jifundishe students via Zoom from March  15 -26, 2021.  

Shopping for Shelters: 


We ended 2020 on a nice note with youth members of our UP community going on a shopping spree to help a family shelter in New Hampshire and one in Maine. 

Experiential Training and Development Alliance (ETDA): 


We have continued to partner with ETDA. Last year we volunteered with social and environmental justice orgs in Tennessee and in 2021 we have plans in place to offer volunteer online training to small nonprofits in Michigan, Texas, Kenya and Tanzania. 

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