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Environmental Justice and Anti-Racism Zoom Meetings:


Unlimited Possibilities has been holding Environmental Justice and Anti-Racism Zoom meetings to educate, raise awareness and administer donations to groups and organizations fighting for these causes. If you would like to get involved in these ongoing monthly meetings email Bill at 

Local Action:

Up got involved locally in 2021; activities included a board retreat, a boat fundraiser with Connor Garvey and a Hampton beach cleanup.

Tanzania: Jifundishe Free Library:


Jifundishe (pronounced “JEE foon DEE shay”) is the Swahili word meaning “teach yourself.”  At the Jifundishe free library volunteers work with students of all ages (from 14 - 60+) who can not afford to go to regular schools and have come to Jifundishe with hopes of furthering their education.  Over the two week tutoring curriculum, volunteers work with over 100 students broken into small groups to help them prepare for standardized testing by teaching them English, critical thinking and test taking skills.  How the students perform on these tests will determine whether or not they are able to get into university or qualify for different employment opportunities. 


In March 2021, Twenty two UP tutors ran a two week virtual tutoring session for 144 impoverished students in the Jifundishe.  Support continues with two days a week of science tutoring designed by Joyce Cuff and assisted by Emma Godson, a graduate of the Jifundishe program and current college student.

Up hopes to return to Jifundishe in person in 2022!

2021 Donations:

In 2021 UP made donations to the following organizations:


Anti- Racism:

  • St. Bonaventure Water Delivery – Navajo Water Project

  • NH Charitable Foundation - Different Roots Scholarship Fund

  • Oglala Sioux Tribe /Sweetgrass - Suicide Prevention

  • Cowasss North America - Anti-racism

  • National Indigenous Women's Resource Center

  • Compassion Prison Project

  • 7th Generation Fund - Windfarm 

  • Landback Org - reclaiming land for Oglala Sioux

  • Black Student Scholarship

  • Charter Oak Center

  • Clemmons Family Farm

  • Solitary Gardens

  • NH Black Heritage challenge

  • Center for Death Penalty Litigation 

  • Bail Project - 21 day challenge

  • Soul Farm 

  • Black Power Blueprint

  • Magnolia Mothers Trust

  • Color of Change

  • Footprint Farms

  • International African American Museum

  • The Change Weavers


Environmental Justice:

  • Keep Growing Green

  • 7th Generation Windfarm

  • Wildwood Path

  • Fresh Start Farms

  • GreenlifeNH

  • A Matter of Impact

  • Blue Ocean

  • Rozalia Project

  • Million Gardens

  • Shenango River Watchers

  • The Change Weavers

UP continued helping our ”Satellites”, causes and groups we feel strongly connected with and want to support in an ongoing way:

  • Nepal – Providing scholarships to students and special support to impoverished individuals in need through our contacts, Samuel and Karuna Bomzon

  • Zebra Crossings, Dover, NH – This group provides adventure programs for youth with chronic illnesses

  • Jifundishe – We support their educational programs for students in need who have few resources but a desire to complete their schooling, including college.

  • Compas De Nicaragua – We are able to help Women In Action, living in meager circumstances on the outskirts of Managua, and the Brothers and Sisters farming cooperative in La Paz.

  • Keep Growing Green Association – We adopted this group this year.  Started by two graduates of the Jifundishe program in Usa River, Tanzania.  Their goal is to plant 15,000 trees by the middle of 2022 and educate villagers in degraded areas about the climate crisis and how to combat it.

  • Mississippi - Poorest state in the Union.  UP is aiding in social justice projects for poor and Black citizens through our alliance with the Community Foundation of Washington County in Greenville and Onetta Whitley, former state assistant district attorney, in Jackson. 

  • FAME Hospital -  A hospital started by Americans in the town of Karatu that has brought advances to medicine in Tanzania.

  • Vietnam - Project Renew.  We have been helping a group that has been removing live ordnance from the soil that are left over from the Vietnam War.  Our role has been to enable projects for the Hill Tribe families with someone who has died or been dismembered by a bomb. 

  • Center for Death Penalty Litigation - This group in North Carolina has been doing groundbreaking work to free unjustly sentenced death row prisoners and to change the death penalty laws.

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Experiential Training and Development Alliance (ETDA): 


We have continued to partner with ETDA. In 2019 we volunteered with social and environmental justice orgs in Tennessee and in 2021 we offered online training to small nonprofits in Michigan, Texas, Kenya and Tanzania. 

In 2022 we are getting back on the road and offering ETDA training in Florida on January 19th & 20th.

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