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Repairs to an Orphanage in Guatemala

We made a donation to help with repairs to an orphanage to provide added safety for the children.

Support for UNH Community Leadership

We made small donations to support a UNH student’s efforts to raise money for Lupus research and to sponsor a speaker on human trafficking.

Support for Families Impacted by Disease

We donated to a group called On Belay, that offers experiential trainings and support for siblings who have a family member with a life threatening disease.

Research for a Rare Disease

We helped a local family meet their fundraising goals for a bike ride benefitting Friedreich’s Ataxia research. 

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Using our special “Whitney’s Surprise Fund” we have been able to provide unsolicited support to many groups, individuals, and efforts:

Occupational Training for Gang Members

We helped “Inner City Weight Lifting,” a Boston, MA non-profit that trains gang members to become physical trainers, providing them an occupation and a path toward societal contribution.

Wish for a Young Cancer Patient

We provided our own surprise through the “Make a Wish Foundation” for a child in Ohio suffering from pediatric cancer.

Educational Support for Tanzanian Medical Student

We gave a computer and medical tools to help Modest, who was orphaned and became head of household for 3 siblings at age 13, complete medical school and become a doctor.

Financial Independence for Tanzanian Women

We donated to “OKIA” to assist Cate Lobolu in her work with impoverished young women in Tanzania to help them toward financial independence.

Counseling for Congolese Girls

We made a donation to “Ghost”, an organization in the Congo that helps girls who have been abused. 

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