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People we have helped

A 15-year-old female patient who traveled many miles for medical treatment. After undergoing examinations, she received the unfortunate diagnosis of an ovarian adenoma serous cyst, measuring 18cm/16cm in size. The recommended course of treatment is surgical intervention. So we did the surgery in our hospital and she recovered. With your help her father was able to buy some medicine that she needs. I attached her photo before the operation and after that here.

A woman who is approximately 28 years old and has five children. Her youngest child is only six months old. She came to the hospital to find someone to adopt her child in exchange for some money. She explained that she is currently unable to  buy even basic necessities such as clothes for her children. Her husband used to be employed by the past government, but unfortunately, he lost his job when the Taliban came into power. The family is now facing financial problems. So you helped this family too.

Mazary: a woman, who was not my patient, I met her outside of our house, where she was begging for help, as she doesn't have any facilities for winter, and her 8 month child was with her. She told me about how her life was difficult. She married when she was 17 years old, now she has 5 children but her husband is addicted to drugs and she is responsible for her children. It was a long story...And you helped her family. Here is the picture.


This is a woman by the name of Yasamin. She is a teacher now. She is 30 years old and has 3 children. Her husband was a military in past government but by falling past regime her husband getting sick each day because of mental pressure. Now he has Parkinsons, which is a brain disorder that leads to uncontrolled movement and muscle weakness. She has abounding financial problem so you help her but here in friday it is weekend in Afghanistan by tomorrow I am going to send her money.

He is a 28 year old man. More than 2 years ago he got injured in the back side (spinal injury) during a fight with Taliban after that he couldn't walk. My father used to visit him because he knew him and bought some essential things. But, after the Taliban came to Afghanistan, my father went to Iran.

A few days ago he sent a voice message to my father asking for help.

He lives in a small village with his 4 children. He told my father to find him a hospital or an organization to help him in his treatment. Then my sister's husband (he works in the economic ministry) asked many organizations but unfortunately  because his nerves got injured there is no way for treatment. So I wanted to share it with you. He is a good choice for assisting.


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