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UP Returns to Jifundishe Free Library 7/17

Tucked away at a crossroads in the rural village of Usa River, Tanzania lies Jifunishe Free Library. Jifundishe is named after the Swahili word for "to teach oneself," and is, for many, an opportunity to receive an education that would be otherwise unavailable to them. For the attendees of it's Independent Study (IS) program, Jifundishe offers students the resources to attend university in exchange for their hard work and dedication, rather than for their money. Despite their circumstances, these students' rigor and enthusiasm, combined with the facilities provided by the library, allows for them to triumph over their disadvantages.

Right now, 2 UP members are at the library teaching the test taking skills necessary for the IS students' success in climbing the ladder to their college education. Standardized testing, while being a poor metric with which to measure intelligence or ability, does provide the students the possibility of making it to college without attending a traditional high school. We hope that, equipped with the proper skills and strategies, their scores will accurately reflect their intellect and bring them a step closer to higher education.

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